Your Own Volition

“Can’t you just do it?”

“No, you must do it of your own volition.”

“Will it hurt?”


“A lot?”

“Yes.  If you have changed your mind…”

“No! No, I want to do it.  I do.  I just need a moment.”

“You have had your moment.  There are others who will take your spot, make your choice.  Now.”

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

The Mirror

As she pulled the sheet away, light glinted off the mirror, striking Jane in the eye; her little hand shot up and rubbed at it.  “That will not help.”  Jane dropped her hand and looked right and left in the dim attic light.  There was no one around; Ben had not snuck up on her.  She stepped up to the glass; blue eyes looked back, her eyes.  The mirror was old, the paint was peeling from its wooden frame and the glass held a yellow cast.  It was almost dark in the attic and more silent than church.  Jane didn’t know where the light had come from, or the voice.  With a shiver, she picked up the sheet and covered the mirror.

Inspiring Women

Looking for some inspiration? Some words of wisdom?  Here are 21 such quotes!  I like reading articles like this.  Not only do they inspire me personally, they give me insight into the minds of other women, which helps me write characters that are more fully formed, more real.

21 Quotes On Womanhood

How do you research your characters?

This Forest

She moved from tree to tree, gently brushing her fingers across their rough bark as she passed.  Her bare feet sank slightly into the mossy forest floor as dew gathered on the hem of her dress, darkening the linen.   A bird called somewhere near by, woken by the morning sun.
She continued moving east.
The ritual had been a success. She could feel her sisters moving along their own points of the compass.
There could be no light without dark, no good without evil, but it was her family who would dictate the percentage in this forest.

Stephen King

He’s so good. And scary, very scary. I will never finish The Dark Half. Never.

I highly recommend his book, On Writing, it’s really great.

(And thank you to Writer’s Circle for sharing this!)

Velvet Boredom

She hated this place. Hated it with a fury so pure it burned white hot behind her eyes. How dare they keep her here? How dare they say it was for her own good? How dare they? Had she not handled the situation perfectly well before they arrived? Had she not destroyed those mischievous  machines with her own bare hands? She had. And she had enjoyed every minute of the conflict, even if she had gotten oil all over her favorite dress. But now they kept her here in this tiresome prison. Yes, the velvet chaise was lovely, and were she not so angry perhaps the espresso would not taste so bitter, but she was bored, so very bored.

‘Text Neck’ Ain’t Just From Texting

Text neck, the arching and reaching forward of one’s head while looking at one’s phone.  Yikes.  This article by Lindsey Bever of the Washington Post, focuses on cell phones, but as writers I think this one of our big health concerns.  Long hours spent at a computer can lead to a very achy back and stiff neck.  I try to check in with my body a couple times an hour and make sure that I’m sitting in a way that won’t lead to stiffness later.  This can be easier said than done when you’re in the middle of writing hypnosis, but we gotta try.  Give the article a gander, the visuals illustrate the problem perfectly.

‘Text neck’ is becoming an ‘epidemic’ and could wreck your spine

Almost Time

He uncorked the bottle, the dark metallic scent of the liquid drifted towards her. He filled two glasses and came to stand beside her. She drank deeply and he smiled at her.
“Almost time.” He drained his glass.
She took both empty glasses and tossed them into the trees.
They stripped, taking care to fold their clothes when they were finished.
They faced each other in the darkness. Gently, she brushed his long hair from his eyes.
She was smiling now.
They waited for the moon to rise.

The Machine

Turn the crank three times to the left and a quarter turn to the right.
When you hear a click followed by a soft whirr, pull the silver knob towards you. 
This will light the lamp. Take three pieces of parchment, no bigger than a playing card, and burn them one by one over the flame. Collect the ashes in the small crystal dish and add three drops of rosewater. Stir the mixture counter clockwise with the index finger of your left hand. Once blended, pour the ash water into the sieve at the bottom of the machine. 
Once the lamp light has turned red, you are ready to travel.

Good As New

She grasped the soft leather firmly. With a practiced hand, she threaded it through the well worn buckle and pulled it tight to her thigh.

“Toss me the oil.” She called over her shoulder, her companion complied.

She began to oil the joint at her knee. This leg frame holster thing had paid for itself three times over.

“This joint has been sticking since we finished off those idiots last week.”

“Which idiots?” Her companion asked.

“The ones from the outer edge.”

Her companion chuckled.

“They were idiots.”

“There we go.” She did a few high kicks and then slid her favourite gun into the holster.  “Good as new.”